How can you help improve the child care situation in your community?

We are fortunate to live in a society where citizens can greatly influence laws and regulations. Our lawmakers need input from parents in order to know how important it is to support child care-related issues, such as:

  • Higher quality child care for everyone
  • More child care programs for underserved communities
  • More child care options for children with special needs
  • More options for parents who need care during times other than weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Child care subsidies for low-income families
  • More educational opportunities for young children

Did you know that State Senators and Representatives count the number of yes and no calls they receive on an issue? Each call, letter and e-mail they get can make a difference.

To voice concern on any child care issues in Oklahoma, please take a moment to contact your state Representatives and Senators.

The Chief Clerk’s Office at the Oklahoma State Capitol can tell you who your Representatives and Senators are and will connect you to their offices:

Chief Clerk’s Office: (405) 521-2733

If you know who your REPRESENTATIVE is, call (405) 521-2711 or
WRITE: Rep.___________
Oklahoma House of Representatives
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

If you know who your SENATOR is, call (405)524-0126 or
WRITE: Senator _________
Oklahoma State Senate
State Capitol
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Your children can’t vote or call their representatives, but YOU CAN! Contact them with your concerns. Your opinion really does matter.

To learn how to be an effective advocate for your child and your child care issues, visit the links below:

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