How Does Child Care Affect the Bottom Line?


How does child care affect the bottom line?

  • Boosting recruitment: 85% of employers report that providing child care services improved employee recruitment. About one in three working parents is willing to change employers or trade salary and benefits for work family programs that fit their needs.
  • Reduced turnover: Almost two-thirds of employers found that providing child care services reduced turnover.
  • Lowering Absenteeism: 54% of employers report that child care services had a positive impact on employee absenteeism, reducing missed workdays by as much as 20-30%.
  • Increasing Productivity: 49% of employers report that child care services had helped boost employee productivity.
  • Strengthening your Business Image: 85% of employers that offered child care programs reported more positive public relations.

Work – Family Conflicts

  • About 82% of all working parents missed days at work, were tardy, had to leave work early or used time on the job to deal with problems related to child care.
  • This equals eight days in work time lost annually per parent, resulting in a yearly loss of $3 billion for American businesses.
  • More than 67% of all employees are affected when co-workers have child care problems.